onsdagen den 1:e augusti 2012

Facebook som studentportal

Engelska University of Northampton har nyligen lanserat sin nya studentportal - Facebook. Enligt en artikel på studentsajten The National Student (Northhampton University first to use Facebook as student portal) vill universitetet skapa en enkel kommunikationsplattform som alla är vana vid. Portalen kräver förstås inloggning men miljön är som övrigt i Facebook.

- Essentially, this makes perfect sense - why have several complicated, tired noticeboards or university websites, which regularly crash under the pressure of too many users, and are often very confusing, when you can have your friends, family and university all in on place? Internalising the university’s official documents and information onto Facebook immediately makes it less daunting for prospective and existing students to contact and find out information they may have otherwise been at a loss to find.

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