tisdag 16 november 2021

Rapport om open access inom Europa

CC BY-NC Some rights reserved by European University Association

EUA (European Universities Association) har publicerat en rapport, The new university Open Access checklist, som ger råd om hur lärosäten kan implementera och utveckla open access publicering. Även om open access är ett accepterad form av vetenskaplig publicering idag finns det fortfarande ett glapp mellan strategier och konkreta åtgärder. Checklistan ger förslag på aktiviteter med både tänkbara effekter och möjliga utmaningar. 

This checklist aims to support universities in their efforts to build capacity and further develop their Open Access activities. It includes an à la carte approach, whereby institutions can consider the goals and actions that make most sense in their particular context and for their specificities. The checklist covers three main goals: 1) Empowerment, through high-level policies and strategies; 2) Capacity building, through libraries and negotiating consortia; and 3) Reinforcement of existing structures, through academic community-driven infrastructures. Each goal includes a variety of possible actions, their respective rationale, proposed activities, expected impact and potential pitfalls.

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